FIRAS Scheme for Watermist Systems

Water mist systems are increasingly being used as an option to conventional sprinklers in a wide variety of buildings for light and certain ordinary hazard protection requirements, particularly where water storage space is at a premium, (as water mist systems generally require less water than a conventional sprinkler system).

Currently there are no BS detail design standards available for design and installation of water mist systems (although NFPA 750 is often used as a guide to installation of such systems), but recently BSI have introduced two DD standards (DD 8489 and DD8458) for the testing of water mist systems.

In line with the launch of these new test standards WCL has developed a new FIRAS Scheme for the certification of those companies who design, install and maintain water mist systems with support from BAFSA and the FIA. The scheme relies on the installer being in possession of the system manufacturer’s design manual, having a written agreement with the manufacturer, having undergone specific training in the design and the installation of the particular water mist system manufacturer’s products / system. Whilst this is a scheme for installers of such systems the requirements of this particular FIRAS scheme goes beyond the actual installer’s competence and capabilities by reviewing the manufacturer’s test evidence as a pre-requisite.

Using a FIRAS certificated company ensures that systems will be properly designed and that the actual design is in accordance with design parameters set by the manufacturer based on test evidence. The actual installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance is also assessed under the FIRAS scheme to ensure that this is also conducted in accordance with manufacturer requirements.

The FIRAS Scheme for Installers of Water Mist Systems was developed in conjunction and is supported by BAFSA (British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

Details of companies certificated under the scheme can be found in the FIRAS Register

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