Fuel Technology & Remote Telemetry (Service & Maintenance)

//Fuel Technology & Remote Telemetry (Service & Maintenance)
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Fuel Technology & Remote Telemetry

Fuel Technology

  • Specialist fuel and tank management including remediation of contaminated fuels and tank cleaning
  • Specialist fuel and tank management of Bio fuel and blended systems
  • On site fuel testing to ASTM and DIN standard including Bio Fuel percentage testing and  Immediate on site Results
  • Fuel Recirculation and Recovery of contaminated stocks
  • Suppliers and Installers of Free Standing Bunded Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Disposal, Tank Cleaning, Sonic Testing
  • Registered Storage & Distribution of Diesel Fuel / Registered Waste Carriers

Remote Telemetry

  • Alarms monitored by a secure manned station via wireless encrypted technology
  • All alarms logged and repeated by E mail, text and person to person telephone call.
  • Critical Alarms and Operation of plant monitored
  • Security of monitored assets
  • Emergency  Activations monitored
  • Weekly / daily reports generated of all activities and parameters.