Generator Services (Service & Maintenance)

//Generator Services (Service & Maintenance)
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Generator Services

Recommendation of 2 service visits per year

1st   Minor service, inspection and a recommendation of any work that is required.

2nd  Major Service and any work from recommendation carried out


  • 30 Years Supply, Installation, Service & Maintenance of Generating Plant & Control Systems
  • Resistive Load Testing with use of Load bank Testing Equipment.
  • Service, repair and installation of all switchgear
  • Generator Hire, 24 Hours Day, 365 Days of Year
  • Installation of temporary Hire generator connection points
  • Thermography (Thermal Imaging) Surveys and Diagnostics



  • Boroscopic Surveys and Diagnostics to all rotating equipment
  • Service & Maintenance of Electric / Diesel Powered Compressors and process equipment
  • Wireless remote telemetry over GSM and GPRS with secure 24 hour website monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance plans


Information required

Location of set

Access Hours

Power output KW or KVA

Normal/Out of hours working