Fire Suppression & Detection Systems (Service & Maintenance)

//Fire Suppression & Detection Systems (Service & Maintenance)
Fire Suppression & Detection Systems (Service & Maintenance)2014-05-04T18:35:02+00:00


Fire Suppression Detection Systems

Detection systems used for operation of fire suppression systems such as gaseous, foam, dry powder or sprinkler systems, should be maintained to the same frequencies as for fire alarm and detection systems, with the additional requirements listed below.

Particular care should be taken not to operate the suppression systems when carrying out any weekly testing.

Where detection is combined for building detection and operation of suppression systems, the suppression systems should be isolated when any call point in the protected area is operated on a weekly test.

Six Monthly

  • In the case of sprinkler systems, the detection system should be operated to demonstrate the alarm valve operates in the correct manner.
  • In the case of other suppression systems, the detection system should be operated to prove that any firing mechanism operates without discharging the suppression medium.