What is a False Alarm? (Service & Maintenance)

//What is a False Alarm? (Service & Maintenance)
What is a False Alarm? (Service & Maintenance)2018-09-26T21:32:26+00:00


A false alarm is when there isn’t actually a real fire but the alarm sounds. There are many reasons, other than a real fire.

Solutions to reduce the number of false alarms


At Fire Defence Servicing we are constantly striving to reduce false alarm rates from our sites. We achieve this in the first instance by careful design of new installations.

When FDS are contracted to service, maintain and test existing systems with excessive false alarms, we will work with the site to identify and correct the problem by consulting with the client.

We will then report our findings and propose a solution. This may take the form of one or all of the following:

  • False Alarms Code in Brief

    False Alarms Code in Brief

    Re-design required

  • Equipment Change
  • Equipment repositioned
  • Cause and effect programming to only evacuate the whole site due to pre-determined and agreed causes.

For more information or advise please call our office on 01769 575 040 fds@fire-defence.com