Project Description

The Brief

Design, supply, installation & commission of a pre-action sprinkler installation to waste transfer station.

The Challenge

The electrical element was very technical which the onsite electricians needed assistance with from Bill on a few occasions. MC did not build the concrete pad flat for the GRP so this required additional works to level the pump house from the MC. The incoming electrical supply was not adequate for the pump, so a frequency control valve was fitted. The main building pipework was installed promptly which impressed the MC and looked very neat & tidy.

The Solution

FDS completed the design, supply, installation & commission of a Pre-action sprinkler installation to this waste transfer station. Installed to NFPA / BSEN 12845 and Ace technical specification. A purpose-built GRP pump house, 2 pumps (1no electric & 1no diesel), sprinkler tank. The underground main was installed to the main building.

Project Location: Brynsworthy Waste Transfer

 Client: Britannia construction

Project Value: £201,200.00

Completion: January 2018