Ensuring Effective Sprinkler Installations: Installing Automatic Sprinkler Systems to FM Global Standards will help you to ensure that sprinkler systems and their water supplies are properly arranged and installed, so that they will operate effectively when needed.

The seminar is intended to help you arrange sprinkler installations in such a way as to avoid common pitfalls such as obstructed heads and inadequate testing arrangements.

The seminar includes interactive workshops, discussions and presentations.

FM Global is committed to working with our clients to maintain business continuity. Installing well designed sprinkler systems is a vital step in minimising the size of a fire likely to be suffered. An uncontrolled fire is likely to result in significant interruption to the business, whereas a controlled fire supports prompt resumption of operations.

What you will learn:

  • The most important considerations in positioning of sprinklers to avoid obstructions.
  • Key layout considerations for fire pump and tank water supplies.
  • The recommended alarms and test devices on a system.
  • What’s involved in effective acceptance testing of new fire protection systems.
  • How to appropriately apply the latest FM Global Data Sheets 2-0, 3-2, 3-7 and 3-10, with respect to installation.

Who should attend?

This seminar is aimed at anyone who is involved in installation of sprinkler systems at FM Global client sites, and anyone overseeing such installation projects. The seminar assumes existing knowledge of sprinkler system layout and installation, including fire pump and tank installations. Examples of roles the seminar is aimed at:

  • Sprinkler contractors.
  • Project managers or co-ordinators.
  • Insurance broker technical surveyors.
  • Anyone closely involved with new sprinkler installation projects at their facility.

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