Nittan Worldwide

The Nittan Group has been at the very forefront of the international fire protection industry since 1954 and has sales, R&D and manufacturing bases in Japan, China, Sweden, Bahrain and the UK. Throughout the world, Nittan has an enviable reputation for continuous innovation and exceptional quality. The group currently enjoys a £275m turnover worldwide and manufactures over four million detectors each year, while pursuing a commitment to total excellence in everything we do.

Nittan was established in 1972 in the UK and has grown to become a major force in the EMEA fire protection industry and most recently has opened a Middle East division, operating out of Bahrain. With the extensive support facilities of their Tokyo parent company, Nittan Europe now supplies in excess of 500,000 detectors per year, all of which are made to marine standard for exceptional quality.

Despite its position as a major global fire safety specialist company, Nittan always prides itself in providing a dedicated and personal service to its clients. When you look to Nittan to provide you with an optimum fire safety solution, you’ll enjoy all the major benefits of dealing with a world leader – while receiving a personal level of service and support that few large companies could ever hope to achieve.

Engineering Excellence
There’s something very special about Nittan engineering, design and build quality. Unlike almost anyone else in the industry, Nittan has considerable specialist expertise in designing and supplying fire safety systems for some of the most demanding markets on earth. They have specialist divisions dedicated solely to engineering for oil refineries and marine applications for example. Both industries set safety standards well in excess of those demanded in most other fields.

Because they possess this expertise, they routinely apply it to everything they do, bringing the very highest standards of build quality, engineering excellence, high performance and unrivalled reliability into all areas of fire safety.

When you specify a Nittan system, you’ll directly benefit from this unrivalled expertise and commitment to standards far above the industry norm.

Working in Partnership
At Nittan Europe, they particularly pride themselves in working in close partnership with clients at every stage of the project. they believe that there is no better way to achieve an optimum solution or to provide total customer satisfaction.

The company employs a large team of experienced, specialist engineers, capable of providing solutions to meet your exact requirements. This helps to prevent wastage while ensuring that the finished system provides the optimum standard of protection that you require. Their expertise will also ensure you meet or exceed every applicable standard while helping to address your environmental targets and ambitions.

Working in partnership with you at every stage is an important part of their commitment to excellence.

A Rigorous Green Agenda

When it comes to environmental concerns, it’s reassuring to know that Nittan is committed to the highest of standards in everything they do. They believe that their environmental procedures are amongst the most rigorous in the industry and they constantly strive to set new standards in all they do.

When you specify Nittan products, you can therefore be assured that your project is simply as environmentally friendly as it can be.

Furthermore, when working in partnership with their clients, their engineering teams always ensure that any environmental concerns are addressed at every step of the process.

At the Forefront of Fire Safety Around the Globe
Throughout the world, Nittan’s experience and expertise is regularly called upon to provide advice and guidance. Nittan representatives and engineers sit on every standards body, and are instrumental in helping to create and shape ever more rigorous fire safety standards. They also work closely with every accreditation body around the world, providing them with an enviable global perspective. Advances in one region can therefore be viewed, appreciated and shared to the benefit of everyone.

As they help to shape the standards of tomorrow, Nittan is ideally placed to develop and engineer the advanced fire safety technology that will be required – and to bring it to our customers first. That’s just one reason why Nittan fire systems are amongst the most advanced in the market.