Fire Extinguishers


  • Inspect all extinguishers to ensure they are in the correct location, visible and unobstructed. The operating instructions should be clean, legible and face outwards. Check any pressure gauge shows it is within operational limits and any tamper seals/indicators are not broken or missing.
  • Check that each extinguisher has not been operated and is not obviously damaged.


  • All extinguishers to be serviced annually.

5 Yearly

  • All extinguishers (except Halon, primary sealed dry powder and CO2) to be discharge tested and recharged/replaced as necessary.

10 Yearly

  • Halon and CO2 extinguishers to be overhauled and recharged or replaced as necessary.
  • Primary sealed dry powder extinguishers to be returned to the manufacturer for testing/refilling.

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