Scottish F&RS reports that at 04:55 hours on Friday 24th July, they received a call to a report of fire on the first floor at a 20m x15m mobile phone retail outlet in the Forge Shopping Centre, Gallowgate, Glasgow.

Initial investigations appear to point to the seat of the fire being a lap top computer which had been leftfire-sprinkler on. An attendance of 3 pumping appliances was despatched and 4 BA and two hose-reels being deployed. Fire service intervention from 1st call to being on site was less than 8 minutes.

Crews found that the fire had been subdued by the action of one pendant sprinkler head on the wet-pipe system. It would appear from reports that the ‘stop message’ was sent after about 1hour. There was 5 staff in the centre at the time of the fire, none of whom is reported to have been hurt. The centre has security staff employed 24/7.

Each unit is constructed from concrete blockwork and separating floors are constructed from reinforced concrete all of which are designed to give a minimum 2 hours fire resistance with smoke detection fitted within all shop units.

Although there was disruption/ business interruption to the shop in question and an estimated £20k of damage/value to stock, a subsequent inspection by fire safety staff concluded that:

“If there had been no sprinkler intervention  and the fire been allowed to grow, the plate glass front could have failed, allowing possible fire ,heat and smoke spread within the upper area shopping mall. Had that been the case then all of the upper sales floor of the shopping centre could have suffered smoke logging/damage via internal ventilation systems, which may have impacted on 20 other shop units, with a possible impact on the 4/5 staff members per unit.

Turnover for each would have been affected for a minimum of one day due to possible smoke damage.”

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