The following information is designed to provide a clear understanding of the service and maintenance routines required to ensure fire systems and equipment are maintained by competent persons in accordance with relevant standards and good engineering practices.

Although standards are referred to, it is not an exhaustive list or detailed specification. You should check to ensure that all disciplines are included within the quotation or scope of works and that the relevant authority having jurisdiction (e.g. insurer, fire officer etc.) is satisfied.

Each manufacturer of fire products will have their own specific maintenance requirements and this information may not be included.

The following routines are Fire Defence Servicing Ltd proposals to meet the most effective compliance objectives across the various standards and manufactures recommendations.

Note: Daily, weekly, monthly service and maintenance routines may be able to be carried out by the end user providing a competent and trained person carries out the work (See competent person). All other routines are to be performed by an approved company.

Due to the continuous update of these standards and publications some of the information may have been revised.

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Our Standard Service & Maintenance Package

  • FDS Ltd employed engineers
  • UK Cover with locally employed engineers
  • 24/7
  • No Mileage Charge
  • No Auto Call Centres
  • Onsite Training
  • 8 Hour Response
  • Environmental solutions
  • Service schedules to meet client requirements
  • Valued Engineering
  • Access to your engineers report etc on our CRM system
  • Technical back-up and info
  • Instant photo evidence of beginning and completion of work and reports
  • Complete full site fire protection system servicing contracts
  • One, three and five year fixed price contracts