Rapid Response

6th January –       One of our clients had a catastrophic failure of their closed protocol fire alarm system.

The system was no longer supported by the manufacture and after several phone calls the manufactures were unable to resolve the issue. This left the client completely unprotected with the manufacturer taking no interest or attempting to send an engineer to rectify or attempt to get some temporary protection.

7th January –       The order was given to Fire Defence Servicing Fire Alarm Division to replace the entire system immediately.

8th January –       Fire Defence Servicing Fire Alarm Division was on site with labour, materials and equipment.

The change over required a new Two Loop Open Protocol Panel and 115 Detection points 50 Manual Call Points 50 Sounder bases and 28 Interface / Sounder Control Units over four Buildings

10th January –     New Fire Alarm Panel installed and all of the equipment on Loop 1 Changed over and logged onto the new system. All of the office areas protected.

15th January –     All devices on Loop two replaced and logged onto the new system. Entire site protected by a Fire Alarm System.

16th January        System programmed and commissioned ready for hand over to the client.

17th January –     The change over to the new Fire Alarm System was completed, signed off and the clients four buildings fully protected within 11 days of the failure and 10 days from starting the work.