Rapidrop Global Limited, a UK based manufacturer of fire sprinkler system products with international sales and distribution serving the needs of the fire detection and suppression industry. Their dedicated, skilled supply and engineering teams pride themselves with providing extensive experience and knowledge in assisting clients with the selection and supply of accredited, competitive, value for money solutions. Since year 2000, they have developed their core product range that now includes

  • Fire sprinkler heads – including pendent (SSP), upright (SSU), conventional (CU/P), concealed, flush, sidewall and residential.
  • Flexible fire sprinkler hose connections – including braided and unbraided hose, plus a full range of inlet / oulet connections and brackets.
  • Alarm and control valves – including wet, dry, deluge and pre action with both flanged and grooved connections.
  • Mechanical service valves – including OS&Y gate, PIV, butterfly, ball, globe with threaded, flanged and grooved connections.
  • Pipe support and connection – including grooved, threaded and press fit connections.
  • Pump house equipment – including flow meters, test and drain valves, zone assemblies, flow and pressure switches.
  • Special risk products – including foam concentrates, foam storage, proportioning equipment, foam discharge devices, MV and HV nozzles.
  • Wet and dry riser products – including landing valves, breeching inlet connections and cabinets.
  • Fire hydrants – including BS750, wet and dry barrel.

Accreditation includes approval / listing by – FM, UL, LPCB, VdS, CE, BSI, APSAD, CNBOP, CNPP, VKF, SBSC, GOST-R, VNIIPO