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Fire industry compliance:

from burden to opportunity

A BSI White Paper for manufacturers operating in the

global fire detection and suppression industry


  • The market for fire detection and suppression products is large, global and diverse
  • Regulatory compliance represents a major challenge for fire industry manufacturers operating in the UK, Europe and beyond
  • The number of relevant regulations is extensive, covering areas including the certification of products for quality, safety and fitness for purpose, the health and safety of workers, and the responsible management of the environment
  • Manufacturers supplying this important sector have no choice but to comply with regulations if they are to meet market requirements
  • But compliance also opens up market opportunities for manufacturers, while management systems support bids and tenders
  • Certification to standards brings a host of additional benefits, including enhanced efficiency, brand reputation, competitiveness and overall business performance
  • The onus is on firms to take steps to manage regulatory challenges efficiently and take advantage of the opportunities it presents
  • BSI has the knowledge at hand to assist with certification to meet key product and management system standards, helping you manage your compliance requirements smoothly and turn compliance from burden to business opportunity