Devon County Council SSE Contracting Replacement Pumps and Tanks

  • Contract Value – £200k
  • Contract Length – 10 weeks
  • Hazard Class – OH-3
  • Water Supplies – New Diesel and Electrical driven Fire pumps plus 170m3 sprinkler tank

The existing building was built in the late 70s and the sprinkler system installed was to a high hazard standard. The current owner/ tenants were looking at updating the water supplies due to the repairs required to the existing fire pumps and sprinkler tanks.

FDS were called in to provide consultation on what and how they can replace the water supplier with new. It was confirmed with the client insurance company that OGH III risk would be suitable for the current building use however due to the original design of the high hazard pipe work, full hydraulic calculations were required to work out the fire pumps require and tank storage capacity to meet the current OGHIII requirements

The works were complete within 10 week form order with the help of both the fire pump and tank suppliers and the direct FDS team employed to install.

FDS have just singed up a 5 year contract for the weekly testing of this site.