FDS has kicked off 2024 with significant momentum, securing a contract to install a fire sprinkler system at the Suez Waste Transfer Station in Launceston, Cornwall.

This marks our sixth waste transfer station project within the past three years, and we will collaborate with a new M&E contractor for this venture.

The Launceston Transfer Station faced a fire incident in August 2022, resulting in the ignition of over 100 tonnes of general waste. After diligent repairs, the station was restored to operational status.

Our team will install the fire sprinkler system according to NFPA 13 standards, incorporating enhanced specifications outlined by the insurance company. The comprehensive system will include a 700m3 fire sprinkler tank, two diesel-driven fire pumps, a pre-action valve, and sprinkler protection throughout the entire facility.

Having received the order on January 3rd, we are committed to delivering the design by January 31st, ensuring timely approval to align with the construction program.

The contract holds a substantial value of approximately 400k.