A satisfactory sprinkler system maintenance regime including a thorough review of hazard is critical to the continued dependable performance of all sprinklers.

FDS – Client Document Portal

For the last 5 years Clients of FDS has been able to download their engineer’s reports and other documents from the FDS Client Portal.

This has been especially useful for clients with multiple sites and for those companies that require more than one person in their organization to view these documents. Documents are usually uploaded and available to view/download within 24 – 48 hours.

FDS – Fire Sprinkler Maintenance app

After 2 years of consultation with clients, our service engineers and administration staff, Fire Defence Servicing Ltd has developed and launched its bespoke Fire Sprinkler Maintenance app.  During the development of the App, the latest LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2015, incorporating BS EN 12845 was published which required some further development in the maintenance routines offered within  the App.

Fire App now takes into account the latest LPC TB203: 2015:1 rules for the Care and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems and ensures that our service engineers operate to these rules keeping clients and the responsible person under the fire order act within the Law.

On 10th March 2017 the first group of FDS service engineers came to Head Office for an update on the latest LPC TB203: 2015:1 rules and training on how the App will operate in the field.

Further discussion with the field engineers has already detailed some amendments for the first update to ensure simplicity so that the client is informed of the condition and compliancy of their system.

The App decreases the amount of administration required by the office and service engineers and saves time whilst improving accuracy in the recording of critical information. It also ensures that all personnel who require a copy of the service report receives one almost immediately by email and probably before the engineer has got back in his van and left site. No more hand written and hardly legible copies of engineers reports.

Fire Sprinkler Service & Maintenance Quotation/Contract

If you would like to ensure that your system is being maintained to the latest LPC TB203: 2015: 1 rules for the Care and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems, and to be kept informed on the condition and compliancy of your system please contact us on fds@fire-defence.com for a quotation. We offer one, three and five year contracts.