FDS are pleased to announce that they have secured a £900K + fire protection contract for the Lots Road Power Station redevelopment in Chelsea.

The power station, which was decommissioned in 2002, was originally built in 1902. It was completed in December 1904 and became operational shortly after. At its peak, Lots Road Power Station burned 700 tonnes of coal a day and could generate 50,000 kW.  At the time it was claimed to be the largest power station ever built; powering most of the railways and tramways in the London Underground.

FDS works are to KC2A, KC2B, and KC3 buildings.

KC2A is a stepped ‘L’ shaped building ranging from 4 storeys to 9 storeys. This block is all considered affordable properties. The façade is predominantly made up of aluminium cladding. This will be a totally new structure.

KC2B again is a new structure. This is a round tower of 10 storeys with the top store set back much like KC2A. The roof also has a structural steel roof element as shown on the engineer’s drawings. This block is all private. Again predominantly brick façade with ground floor curtain walling.

KC3 is an existing power station formerly used by LUL. The existing facade is to be retained and repaired. The facade is made up of a structural steel frame then clad in brick & terracotta. Some sections of the facade are to be demolished and rebuilt. There is an atrium that is covered at level 10, and a new structural steel frame will extend the north elevation up to level 13. The south section of the roof will house plant rooms.

FDS works to include the following items

  • 4 electrical drive fire pump
  • 2 fire sprinkler tank with an effective capacity of 185m³
  • 135m³ Concrete tank lined
  • 7 wet alarm valve stations
  • 2500 sprinkler heads to the car park
  • Sprinkler protection to leisure building
  • 26 zone valve for retail unit fit-outs
  • Drencher systems to glazed atriums
  • 2 level of office cat office fit-out
  • Wet riser from existing water supplies