Hose Reels

Please note that in addition to the routines detailed below, it is also necessary for a responsible person to make regular checks to ensure the hose reels are not obstructed and free from corrosion/leaks, have clear operating instructions and are located in the designated place. The frequency of these inspections should be determined by risk/hazard assessment and/or environmental circumstances.


  • All hose reels should be inspected and particular attention made to ensure there are no leaks and the drum rotates freely on its spindle.


  • Run out hose fully, under pressure and check for cracks, splits, leaks or other damage.
  • Carry out a flow and pressure test.
  • Check the drum rotates freely on its spindle and for swinging hose reels that it swings through 180°easily.
  • Inspect any nozzles and isolation valves and check they work correctly, are easy to operate and that they are left in the correct orientation.
  • Check any guide is fixed securely and it works correctly.

5 Yearly

  • All hoses should be pressure tested in accordance with BS EN 671–1 and/or BS EN 671–2.