Water Storage Tanks

Tank Inspection

Our scope of work includes the preparation of a fully detailed report with supporting digital photographs where appropriate and exact ground location reference using GPS positioning for tank identification. Three optional levels of inspection are available;


A simple external inspection with a report on the general condition of the tank and its accessible pipework and connections. This will include any recommendations for remedial work which may be required, with associated specifications and costs if required and including an internal tank inspection (for which the tank(s) would need to be drained down/refilled prior to/following our inspection to allow internal access). Our operatives are fully trained for confined space working.


By using ultrasonic technology extremely accurate measurements of the tank wall thickness can be taken externally, avoiding the need for the tank to be drained down and taken out of commission.

This enables a view to be taken of the degree of corrosion taking place and the residual tank life remaining. It also enables a more informed view to be taken for preventative maintenance.

Following all inspections, a fully comprehensive report detailing all observations and recommendations is issued for each tank inspected. If required, itemised prices for associated refurbishment works can be incorporated too.

Sprinkler Tank Refurbishment

Tank refurbishment includes cleaning; resealing; painting; lining; repairing damaged panels; service/replacing ball valves; supplying new roof covers; ladders; contents gauges, immersion heaters etc…..

Our expertise and experience covers the widest possible range of commercial and industrial tanks including potable, process and sprinkler water storage tanks. The types of tanks we have refurbished includes; reinforced concrete; sectional steel panels; vertical cylindrical tanks of bolted steel or welded construction; fire sprinkler pressure vessels; fibreglass lined; elevated tanks; open reservoirs and lagoons; square/rectangular, internally braced etc.

BS EN 12845

20.3.5  3-Yearly Routine  General

The following checks and inspections shall be made at intervals of no more than 3 years.  Storage and pressure tanks

All tanks shall be examined externally for corrosion.  They shall be drained, cleaned as necessary and examined internally for corrosion.

All tanks shall be repainted and/or have the corrosion protection refurbished, as necessary.  Water supply stop valves, alarm and non-return valves

All water supply stop valves, alarm and non-return valves shall be examined and replaced or overhauled as necessary.

All external examinations of tanks, stop valves, alarm and non-return valves will take place yearly as part of the service contract.

TB224 – Sprinkler Water Storage Tanks

TB224.3.1  Tank, Water Storage

A receptacle for the storage of water, configured either as a tank to provide water to a suction pump or under gravity to the installation with or without a booster pump.

TB224.3.2  Approved Water Storage Tank

A suction or gravity tank, with a listed volumetric range, complete with all necessary fittings complying with and certificated to LPS 1276 or equivalent.

TB224.3.3  Three-year tank

A suction tank designed and protected against corrosion such that the need for emptying the tank for maintenance is reduced to a period of not less than three years.

TB224.3.4  Ten-year tank

A suction tank designed and protected against corrosion such that the need for emptying the tank for maintenance is reduced to a period of not less than ten years.