Annual Routines

  • Carry out major service of pumps – including changing fuel filters, oil filters and engine oil. Air filters should be cleaned.
  • Inspect all sprinklers, sprayers  and Multiple Jet Controls for damage, corrosion, corrosion protection, dirt or paint build up and leaks. Any defects should be rectified by cleaning or replacement.
  • A failed to start test should also be carried out and then the pump should be started manually.
  • All stop valves exercised and greased.
  • Storage tanks ball valves tested and level gauges checked.
  • Storage tanks ball valves serviced and lubricated.
  • Pump suction strainers, settling chambers and screens should be inspected and cleaned if required.
  • All alarm and non return valves on system serviced and parts replaced as required.
  • Test antifreeze solution in pipework.
  • 50mm drain valve flow test at valveset.
  • Test all backflow preventors.
  • Full trip test of deluge systems to prove water spray and system operation.
  • Check the first section of piping in freezer protection systems (dry pipe/pre-action) to check for ice formation in the pipe.
  • Test all flow switches for correct operation.
  • Inspect all piping, and pipe supports for damage, corrosion, corrosion protection or leaks.