Other Routines

2 Years

  • Diesel driven fire pumps – replace air cleaner, batteries (not ni-cad) belts, coolant hoses, coolant and thermostat.

3 Year

  • Towns main and pressure tank check valves and all control valvesets overhauled.
  • Pressure tanks cleaned and inspected internally and repainted if required.
  • Pump suction tanks for single supplies – inspected (tanks with no corrosion protection).

4 Year

  • Sample test high temperature heads.
  • Sample test solder strut or solder link heads.
  • Sample test heads exposed to harsh environments including corrosive atmospheres or corrosive water supplies.
  • Test foam proportioners/inductors.
  • Pump suction tanks with corrosion protection inspected.

10 Year

  • Storage tanks for superior supplies – internally inspected and cleaned, painted or repaired as needed.
  • Sample test dry pendant drops.
  • Inspect foam storage tanks and bladder tanks.

20 Year

  • Fast response heads sample tested (then at 10 year intervals thereafter).

25 Year

  • Samples of piping should be internally and externally inspected.
  • The sprinkler piping should be flushed and pressure tested.
  • Samples of sprinkler heads should be removed and tested.

50 Year

  • Sample test other sprinklers not tested as above (then at 10 year intervals thereafter).