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Six Monthly Routines

  • Change alternate systems from air to water in the spring and from water to air in the autumn.
    • (Please note that these systems may now be left on air all year round, however the valve still needs to be trip tested six monthly).
  • Trip test and reset dry pipe, deluge and pre-action valves.
  • Test the operation of any accelerators and exhausters.
  • Test automatic monitoring connections and electrical installation of fire brigade and remote central station alarms.
  • Check fire pump panels for operation.
  • Change diesel engine oil and carry out minor service to pumps.
  • Test all flow switches.
  • Test all valve supervisory switches.
  • Carry out a flow test on water supply at the valveset and if applicable tank infill to prove the water supply is adequate.
  • A full flow test on the pumps to nominal duty should be carried out and pressure, flow and engine speed/load current should be recorded.
  • Pump start level switches in header tanks should be tested for correct operation.
  • Secondary electrical supplies from diesel generators or other sources should be tested for correct operation.
  • Test all stop valves, zone valves and subsidiary stop valves and any monitoring of the valves for correct operation.