Sprinkler save : residential

Southwark Specialised Housing scheme: Thursday 1st September 2016

At about 1515 on Thursday 1st September 2016 a fire occurred on the cooker in the flat of an 82 year fire-sprinklerold resident at the residential specialised housing scheme in Canterbury Place, London.  London Fire Brigade also report that there were some issues with hoarding.

The block had been fitted with automatic fire sprinklers to BS9251 as part of a scheme to protect elderly and vulnerable residents in Southwark and one sprinkler head activated to extinguish the fire. This was all the more extraordinary as it is reported the system was not fully commissioned at the time of the fire. The occupier was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

The system installers attended shortly after 5pm, within the prescribed two hour attendance time to reset the actuated sprinkler head .

LFB report that due to the excellent signage within the block, the attending crews were able to quickly locate the stop valve and isolate the water supply to the sprinkler head.