Bill Johns of Fire Defence Servicing Ltd is running the 5 day Sprinkler Systems Maintenance and Components Training at the FPA Blockley Training Facilities and encompases the following

Gain comprehensive knowledge of sprinkler systems and hands on maintenance experienceTraing Facility

This 5 day course can be split over two sessions, the first 2 days introducing the learner to sprinkler systems and components and an overview of rules and design principles. The second 3 days includes theoretical and practical systems maintenance training.
You will develop:
  • Understanding of the components and operation of sprinkler systems and their role.
  • Knowledge of the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations 2009 incorporating BS EN 12845.
  • Understanding of the principles of system design and sprinkler operation
  • Ability to compare and contrast these systems relative to passive fire protection systems.
  • Knowledge of the service requirements in accordance with BS EN 12845 and LPCB TB203
  • How to carry out practical maintenance of the equipment
  • FPA Certificate.
  • This course has been awarded 13 IFE CPD hours.