Foam Systems


  • Check that all gauges and indicators are working correctly.
  • Check system (including piping and nozzles) is in its designated position and is free from damage, dirt or dust and is not leaking.
  • Check that the quantity of foam concentrate or premixed solution is correct.
  • Check the fire risk and its enclosure have not changed.
  • Check all controls are properly set and accessible.
  • Check the water supply is available and at the correct pressure.
  • Check to ensure that any personnel who may have to use the equipment are properly


  • Trained and authorised to do so – in particular any new employees

Six Monthly

  • Inspect foam proportioners/inductors.
  • Examine piping and if any piping is damaged or corroded carry out a hydraulic pressure test.
  • Clean and inspect all strainers and/or foam making gauzes – this also needs to be done following any test or discharge of the system.
  • Check all manual and automatic valves for operation and function.
  • Visually inspect foam concentrate tanks without draining for deterioration and/or damage.
  • Check spare foam containers for deterioration and/or damage.
  • Take a 1 litre foam sample from foam tanks and/or systems and have these laboratory tested and a report issued. This applies to concentrate, premixed foam


  • solution and pre-primed water/foam systems.
  • Exercise each foam proportioning system and take a sample of the foam produced. Check the sample for correct proportioning.
  • As required by other statutory regulations (e.g. pressure vessels regulations, pressure equipment directives etc.) but otherwise as and when convenient (e.g. Following emptying of tank for some reason) – internally inspect all tanks.
  • Test all detection systems in accordance with BS5839-1.