Kitchen Suppression Systems

Six Monthly

  • Visually check condition and quantity of Ansulex liquid by removing tank from enclosure or bracket.
  • Check contents of gas cartridge by weighing.
  • Check all nozzles are clean, have silicon grease coating on the orifice and have blow off caps in place.
  • Check all piping. Note –  if there is any cooking grease evident in the nozzle the nozzle and piping must be thoroughly cleaned or replaced as necessary.
  • Test the automatic release mechanism using a test link and check wire rope.
  • Replace all fusible links.
  • Test manual pull stations and check wire rope.
  • Check ‘o’ rings and burst discs for damage
  • Survey the system and risk to ensure protection is still correct
  • Inspect all hoses, piping and fittings on actuation lines. Vacuum test actuation lines where installed.
  • Test mechanical gas shut off valves.


  • Replace all rubber blow off caps.
  • Blow through lines to prove piping and nozzles are clear.

12 Yearly

  • The regulated actuator must be tested (or replaced) and the tank(s) must be pressure tested (or replaced).

Please note under the P.E.D. the tank(s) must be pressure tested (or replaced) every ten years not twelve as stated in the manufacturers manual which is based upon USA regulations.